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Organizational Wellness Consulting

Strategy and Implementation for Organizations and Institutions

Improve Client & Staff Well-being

With mental health issues increasing over the last few years, many organizations are considering how they can better support people.

If your healthcare organization or educational institution is interested in improving client mental health outcomes, expanding provider wellness initiatives, or developing wellness programming, we can help.

We offer strategy and implementation consulting to tackle systems-level changes, including creating innovative solutions to complex issues and reducing barriers to accessing quality mental health care.

Organizational Consulting Services

Drawing on over twenty years of environmental and behavioral health programming and curriculum development, including a clinical wellness curriculum for the Department of Public Health, we work with:

  • State agencies
  • Non-profit and non-governmental organizations
  • Schools and higher education
  • Hospital Intensive Out Patient (IOP)
  • Residential programs

Available services range from conducting needs assessments, literature reviews, mixed-methods research involving staff and consumers, and facilitating strategic planning sessions with interdisciplinary and inter-agency working groups to expand the continuum of care.

To provide culturally responsive care, we engage in ongoing training that helps us recognize our positions in systems of power and privilege to better support clients and staff and challenge structural barriers and systemic racism.

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