Overcoming Anxiety, Transforming the Mind

Explore practical skills and contemplative practices aimed at nurturing the inner calm you’ve been craving.

This new course is a skill-focused program designed to guide you in finding relief from cycles of overthinking and self-doubt. If you find yourself losing sleep over concerns related to your career, finances, relationships, or the world around you, and if you’re struggling to quiet that inner critic, then delving into this course could be the best decision you make for your health and well-being.

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What if you could start implementing healthy coping skills to manage stress and anxiety today, and every day after that?

A woman in yoga pose stands on a mountain peak, silhouetted against a sunset sky.

Our approach is rooted in Michelle’s signature wellness method, designed to enhance overall well-being with practical techniques that are easy to integrate into your daily life. We’re here to offer support and guidance as you embark on this journey.

Our focus is on helping you break free from the rut. We teach you how to get in tune with your nervous system, find ways to ground that restless energy within your body, calm the racing thoughts, and open your heart. This journey is about improving mental health, and it’s also about getting better sleep and nurturing your relationships.

Imagine the energy you’ll save when you stop overthinking, worrying, and being overly critical of yourself. Instead, picture waking up each day with a sense of excitement, confidence to pursue your dreams, and the ability to connect deeply in your relationships. Are you ready to embrace the journey?

Discover the Transformative Potential of Our Science-Supported Approaches for Enhancing Mental Clarity, Strengthening Self-Worth, Navigating Challenges with Ease, and Experiencing Remarkable Personal Growth!

Now is the Time to Prioritize Your Mental Health

Beyond everyday stress, you’re seeking profound change – inner peace, resilience, purpose, and joy. It’s not just about managing stress; it’s about reclaiming your mental well-being and finding freedom from the grip of anxiety.

No more hoping anxiety will vanish if you just read enough self-help books, trying to stay informed about the latest life-hacks, or feeling frustrated when meditation doesn’t work. It’s time for a new, simpler, faster, and personalized approach. 

Though your caring friends and family may suggest that simply ‘stop worrying’ will do the trick, we understand that telling ourselves ‘not to worry’ doesn’t quite cut it when facing the intensity of anxiety.

Our Overcoming Anxiety, Transforming the Mind course is thoughtfully crafted by a seasoned mental health professional with expertise in research on contemplative practices and the science of well-being. It combines effective strategies within a comprehensive, research-backed program.

*While Michelle Walsh is a licensed mental health professional in the states of Virginia and Massachusetts, this educational course is not a substitute or alternative for mental health counseling, psychoanalysis or examination, or other mental health services but may serve as an excellent adjunct to treatment. Please consult with your provider and do not delay diagnosis or treatment, or postpone appointments, go without or adjust medications.

Hi there! I'm Michelle, a licensed therapist and researcher.

Since 2003, I’ve helped thousands of clients transform their anxiety using innovative methods.

Conducting research on contemplative practices in their original contexts and environments in Asia as well as in diverse communities in North American public health programs, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of meditation, yoga, and other mind-body practices and their ability to bring lasting peace to individuals just like you.

Having written wellness curricula and trained treatment providers around the world on how to implement them with diverse communities, I’ve learned to adapt contemplative practices to individual needs.

The growing mental health epidemic forced me to look for new means of making quality mental health education accessible and it has become my mission to address this gap and longstanding healthcare disparities.

Portrait of Michelle Walsh, psychotherapist and founder of Contemplative Practice Lab

As a result, I developed this online science-based program and hope you will join us!

No more piecing together scattered solutions; I’ve distilled it all into a comprehensive, life-changing course.

So what is the "Overcoming Anxiety, Transforming the Mind" course?​

The Overcoming Anxiety course spans six sessions and is based on my proven framework. It’s all about giving you the tools to take charge of your anxiety, gain mental clarity, and create a sustainable self-care plan that fits seamlessly into your life.

This course is more than just a program; it’s a journey of growth designed to help you embrace a holistic lifestyle, benefiting both your well-being and personal development.

Picture a life where anxiety no longer holds you back, where each day brings excitement for what lies ahead. It’s not just a dream; it’s a reality within your reach.

Drawing from my experience developing Wellness programs for the Department of Public Health and working with countless clients, our methods combine cutting-edge science with practical lifestyle adjustments for lasting change.

Whether you’ve explored self-help, meditation, or yoga to reduce stress and anxiety, the key lies in a comprehensive approach that treats these practices as pieces of a bigger, integrated puzzle. Our holistic framework simplifies the path to better health and overall well-being.

What's included:


6 Weeks of Transformation

A carefully structured journey to lasting well-being.


Live Interactive Sessions

Weekly group sessions for guidance and support.


An Experienced Guide

Access to Michelle for group support and mentorship.


Guided Audio Sessions

Recorded audio exercises for daily practice.


Like-Minded Community

Connect with fellow participants for shared growth.


Self-Reflective Exercises

Tools to implement your newfound skills effectively.

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Don’t let anxiety hold you back any longer! Take charge of your mental health and invest in your emotional well-being.